Super Mario Galaxy Medley Cover

Any self-respecting Wii owner will have at least one game in their repertoire: Super Mario Galaxy. For a long time, Galaxy was rated amongst the highest games, with many reviewers giving it a perfect score. I personally had the privilege of owning a Wii for a while, and playing Super Mario Galaxy. Although it was quite a spectacular game, especially for a typical RTS player like myself, I wouldn’t say it was absolutely perfect. It was pretty darn close though; the designs were very clean, the levels were of appropriate difficulty, and the graphics were suitable for the Wii. Plus, the controller was integrated very well, without having too many action mis-fires.

One of my favorite things about Galaxy was its soundtrack. The soundtrack was very lively, often conveying the theme of adventure very thoroughly. It was typically very light-hearted, and definitely helped me crack a smile whenever I entered a new Mario world or collected a certain amount of stars.

Diwa De Leon is a professional composer, arranger, and a violinist, and decided to use his talents to create a medley of Super Mario songs. It actually sounds very reminiscent of Mario, and Diwa De Leon carries the theme over very well. The video itself is quite comical, with Leon in four Nintendo costumes. One is a green-themed Mushroom and Luigi, with him holding a stuffed Mario. The second is similar, with a red Mario tee and a green Mushroom stuffed plushie. The third is less Mario-based, with Kirby and Luigi, and the final is what appears to be a Piplup (a fourth-generation starter Pokemon) and Toad.

I’m a fan of the diversity of characters while still staying within the Nintendo Universe. It reminds me of something like Super Smash Brothers, where all the characters join to duke it out and battle with their respective abilities.

With that said, the video does get a bit repetitive as it’s mostly just Leon performing in front of the camera, and most of the time he is just singing a similar theme while letting the violin take over. He does spice things up by incorporating a hegalong, a native two-string guitar from the Philippines. I personally found the red top right corner to be the funniest, as he was most animated. The video draws to a climax when Leon incorporates a ton of instruments, including a violin, a guitar, a hegalong, a drum, and a shaker.

If you’re a fan of Mario, this is definitely worth watching. Also, have a look at Super Mario bamboo magnets and Super Mario Bros aprons.

thumbnail image source: Wiids