Miniature Sculptures Give New Life to Paper Rolls

To continue my weekly art obsession, I thought it would be appropriate to review Anastassia Elias’ extraordinary talent. She is a fine artist, with skills that stretch over many different mediums and techniques; the most striking, however, is her Paper Cut exhibition.

My previous post looked at the opposite end of the artistic spectrum. Isabella created a huge four story fire works display, in Fighting Fire With (Artistic) Fire, while Anastassia chooses to create miniature art works.

In this specific exhibition, the artist used paper rolls to create intricate scenes. More specifically, she crafted delicate sculptures inside the rolls… By just examining one of her art works, it is clear that a huge amount of time and effort went into creating the miniature sculptures. The amount of feeling, emotion and thought that goes into each and every art work, surely sets her apart from other artists.

paper cuts 2

The image above is by far my favorite. The fisherman sitting by the riverside with little ducks swimming around is just too cute for words and conveys a sense of serenity. It brings back some of my fondest childhood memories, most of which took place on a serene river bank where we lived.

paper cuts 3

To continue the nature theme, we have a deer on the lower plains while a bear and a cub overlooks from the cliff. Yet again, the use of detail is extraordinary.

paper cuts 4

Now, if you thought the two nature themed art works were detailed, just take a look at the image above, depicting football players about to score a goal. Not only are the movement of the players realistic enough to convey a sense of movement, the net at the back must have taken a great deal of time to complete.

paper cuts 5

The “multi layered” boxing match is another display of the artist’s talent. Notice also how there aren’t any visible traces of glue or adhesive, anywhere… Truly amazing skill and talent.

paper cuts 6

Another design that could have taken hours to create, was the perched owl. The way she created the birds at the background is simply outstanding.

paper cuts 2 shirt

Perhaps you feel the paper rolls aren’t “practical” pieces of art work? They are also available as prints, either T-Shirts, or skins to brighten up your Laptop or Mac. Another wonderfully weird paper creation is the Cardboard Gundam: Taking Paper Products to an Anime Level

Via: Behance