Nerds Sometimes Forget To Wiki It: Super Mario Proposal

Every girl has the dream of the perfect wedding as she grows up. As far as proposals go, the internet has given us some very interesting ones, from Disney Performances to The Meaniest Marriage Proposal Ever! Some, though, just want a nerdy boyfriend to propose with a Super Mario block and some fireworks.

As a romantic myself, I can appreciate the cute side and the dorky side to this proposal. While it is a little less than normal for most to have a room set up like a scene from Super Mario Bros, it is cute nonetheless. The creator, SilvasRW, has also set up a box in the room that his girlfriend, April, has to hit, and out pops her engagement ring. The proposal is quite original, and beyond cute. While only true nerds could really appreciate this proposal, all can see the love between the two, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

After asking April to marry him, SilvasRW then seems to forget where exactly he should place the ring, and says he should have looked it up on Wikipedia beforehand! Watch the whole video, by clicking here, to see how cute it actually is!

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