What Superheroes Do on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving – Football while the women slave in the kitchen, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes , cranberry sauce, sweet corn, pumpkin pie … Did I forget something ? Oh yeah, the ever important Turkey. Apparently, Superheroes and other notable fictional heroes can’t go through the holiday without one, just like us normal people.

As usual, the first thing that meets our eyes is Power Girl’s cleavage. Even on a holiday addition, Thanksgiving for crying out loud, it had to be somewhat about sex.

You’d think that Bruce Wayne, being the richest superhero of them all, wouldn’t have any problem with hosting his friends for thanksgiving. Think Again.

But here’s how a dinner at Wayne manor might look like.

We can’t seem to find a happy Batman in any thanksgiving photo. I guess he’s not the holiday spirit type of guy. Constantly thinking about the night he saw his parents killed probably has something to do with it.

And after long stumbling and pondering, here’s why Batman Hates Thanksgiving.

Bizarro, despite being, well, bizarre, deserves a happy Thanksgiving as well. Or maybe, he prefers it the other way around.

Invincible is a superhero from the Image Comics Universe. He hunts mutant Turkeys for fun.

Nintendo characters aren’t exactly typical Superheroes, but this insane dinner scenario, especially Pikachu barfing on the floor, had to be included.

This Fantastic Four Thanksgiving Cover looks awfully similar to the DC one. Makes you wonder.

If you actually think getting a Turkey tattoo is cool, or maybe your idea of giving your mom a heart attack when coming home from College, these might be for you. If you aren’t insane and just feel like getting a gift for yourself or someone you like/love, these should be more appropriate.