Superheroes Are Just Like Us

Are you tired of feeling like you just can’t live up to the general awesomeness of superheroes, super villains, and science fiction characters? Well buck up, buttercup, because it turns out that they are just like us.

Let’s face it, we all have those moments, or in some cases months, that we feel like we just can’t do anything right. We drop everything we touch, spill on ourselves at the worst moments, or trip and fall in front of that really hot nerd that we so desperately want to impress. It happens.

Thanks to the brilliant work of Mike Mitchell, we now know that these days aren’t limited to us mere mortals. Instead, it seems to be a universal epidemic, as demonstrated by the 1988 Just Like Us gallery.

Good days, or bad, it turns out that our favorite characters are actually just like us, and as such, they enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Like eating donuts.

Way to be a cliche, Robocop.

They are also mesmerized by the beauty of butterflies.

Sometimes they like to stay fit.

If you think that’s impressive, you should see what he can do with a Brett Michaels cassette and a yard of pink ribbon

And also, like us, they get sick and tired of doing their jobs. Can you blame them? I’m sure saving the same city day in and day out gets a bit monotonous.

They also get harassed by birds and puns.

Thank god they’re not pigeons

They have problems looking debonair whilst babysitting.

This is the mutant version of having toilet paper tucked into your pants

They spill their favorite coffee moments after taking the first sip.

Looks like someone’s going to have to gather the Planeteers for this spill. Just don’t call BP.

The truth is that you are not the only one who enjoys the little pleasures in life, nor are you the only one who has a rough day from time to time.

In fact, the next time you’re wallowing because you ate an entire cake in your sleep and can no longer fit in your favorite Batman underwear, think of Magneto. That poor guy can’t hang out with anyone who has a pacemaker, damages all of his favorite electronics, and has gone through 37 credit cards in the last six months. It’s not easy being awesome.