Sony Teasing Game Reveal On April 19?

Next week Sony could be on the verge of revealing a new game, but what? Could it be God of War 4, or something else?

Sony Teasing Game 4 19 Image 1

“Will vengeance bring redemption?” Those out-of-context words, printed impact-fully on a large banner along with the date of April 19, 2012, were all that was posted on the Official PlayStation Facebook Fan Page earlier today, which soon caused rampant speculation throughout the Web that Sony would be announcing a new game come next week.

The theories to support this claim seem up to snuff. For one, April 19 is on a Thursday, conveniently the same day/night that Spike’s GameTrailers TV airs. And if you happen to be familiar with the show, you should know by now that a) Geoff Keighley is a handsome beast, and b) it’s where numerous video games, God of War 3 for instance, get their world exclusive reveals.

(Notice: to my current knowledge GameTrailers TV has yet to acknowledge that they would be revealing whatever Sony has cooked up next week on their program, so this bit of evidence on my part might be totally irrelevant.)

Also, we’ve heard from industry sources up til this point that Sony was about to reveal a new game. But what precisely? Clearly, all bets are on God of War 4, or some spin-off title within that franchise. Hmm, the particular font used in the banner above certainly does look “God of War-ish”…

Oddly though, that use of the word “Redemption” makes me think of Rockstar Game’s Red Dead Redemption from 2010. Could this mysterious game be some sequel to the open-world action adventure game that stole the hearts of gamers everywhere with its well-crafted tribute to the Western mythos? I’m pretty sure a lot of people would be happy with that news.

God of War 2 Kratos Image

Personally, I’m leaning more to God of War 4. Ah! But from whom and on what Sony platforms? Will it be Santa Monica Studios, previous main console touch-holders to the bloody action series, or Ready at Dawn, the studio behind the last three God of War titles on the PlayStation Portable, and word-on-the-street, is currently developing an unknown action-adventure game?

What about platforms? PlayStation 3 only? Or will there be a PlayStation Vita-counterpart in the works, too? The fresh-faced Sony handheld could surely use a big tent-pole title in its game library to boost sales, and who better than Kratos to get such a job done. I guess we’ll see next Thursday (of course, you knew I would say that.)

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