15 Brilliant Superman Tattoos

    Hopefully, the new ‘Man of Steel’ film, another reboot in the Superman franchise, will put the first Superhero back on the top of the chart with a modern, fitting adaptation.

    And as the film approaches, the forgotten, suppressed love for Clark Kent and his alter ego is making waves across the world wide web, meaning we’re seeing more and more tattoos of Superman and his famous S.

    Angry Superman Shooting X-Rays

    Shooting Superman

    Superman looks pissed in this one… Superheroes are at their finest when they’re pissed off.

    The S on the Chest

    Superman Tattoo

    The Torn Chest Trend

    Torn Chest Superman Tattoo

    A Super Shoulder

    Shoulder Superman Tattoo

    Superman Shoulder Tattoo

    Crayon Superman Tattoo

    Looks like something a bunch of kids drew on their dad with crayons.

    A Hint of Bat on the Back

    Superman Back Tattoo

    Superman in Batman Tattoo

    Electric Superman Tattoo

    The electric Superman suit was one of the worst ideas ever anyone had… but this tattoo is quite cool.

    Bleeding Superman Tattoo

    Bleeding tattoo, Kryptonian letters, Kryptonite makes Superman bleed… I see the connection.

    The Superman Sleeve Fashion

    Superman Sleeve Tattoo

    Those With Quotes on Them

    Jor-El Quote Tattoo

    Superman Portraits

    Portrait of Superman Tat

    Death of Superman

    Death of Superman

    That’s what happens when you run into Doomsday.

    Shaggy Looking Hero

    Shaggy Looking Hero

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