15 Surreal Artworks of Film & Pop Culture

Justin Reed loves movies and TV, but sees it a bit differently than the rest of us. In order to make his visions useful, he makes artworks gathering together characters from specific films, TV shows and genres.

All of them get a special and surreal treatment, sometimes just like the source material, but sometimes giving a bit of a different vibe and interpolations to works of art that are well planted in pop culture for many years.

80’s Heroes

To name a few: Rambo (Rambo), Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones), Marty McFly (Back to the Future) and John McClane (Die Hard).

A Clockwork Orange


Robocop, Seven, Minority Report, The Departed, LA Confidential and more.

Fight Club

Gangsters Together

Tony Montana (Scarface), Tony Soprano (The Sopranos), Vito Corleone (The Godfather), Henry Hill (Goodfellas) and Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Casino).


Kill Bill

Pulp Fiction

Reservoir Dogs

Saturday Night Live

Spiderman 1-3

Where’s Aunt May?


There will be Blood

The Shining


For many more of Reed’s awesome works, just visit his website.