Powder-Coated Surveillance Chandelier: Big Brother Approved

You will be forgiven to think that “Humans since 1982” is some cultish sci-fi book or film. Surprisingly, it is a name of a Stockholm-based design studio, which is known to take an evolutionary (pun intended) path on design, that is not averse to experimentation. Case in point, the Limited Edition Powder-Coated Surveillance Chandelier, which we came across on the Fresh Home website. This dazzling chandelier seems to be the perfect syntheses of design and technology and showcases the design . studio’s avant-garde sensibilities quite brilliantly.

Contrary to the name , the cutting-edge lighting fixture doesn’t actually moonlight  as surveillance equipment (that would be so Big Brother of it), even though it is made of cameras. Hence, in a nutshell, the decisively contemporary light fixture is a set of re-purposed surveillance cameras. Each set contains around five to six cameras that have been finished with powder coated aluminum, to give it a dark brooding appearance, which seems to juxtapose perfectly with the bright flood lighting of the chandelier.

The Surveillance Chandelier is not the first attempt from the eSwedish and German designers of Human since 1982, as in 2008, they created something similar, but on a smaller scale. Ironically, while the chandelier does display distinct industrial aesthetics, it is not mass-produced. Each version of the Surveillance Chandelier has been crafted by hand, making every incarnation of it unique in its own way. Each chandelier features at least five cameras and the studio is targeting both commercial and residential spaces. Currently only ten of these exist and the design studio tends to market them as “limited editions.”

The Surveillance Chandelier is not the only lighting fixture that has been made from unique objects. Earlier, we have covered equally imaginative renderings, for example;  the Washing Machine Lamp. However, if you crave something geeky (you are a Walyou patron after all), then do check out the Star War Lamp.