Terrifying Japanese Face Exerciser

Being technophiles, it’s hard not to love the country. But some things occasionally freak us out, like this face exerciser, though it might simply be culture shock.

The Face Slimmer is made by the cosmtics company Glim. It comes to us from Geekologie via Incredible Things The idea is that if you put this $50 piece of plastic shaped like Angelina Jolie’s lips after she’s been stung like a bee, then you won’t get any wrinkles, as long as you do the exercises. They apparently require you to say certain vowel sounds.

Face Slimmer

Just make sure no one’s watching you while do you your exercises, of course. You’ll probably frighten animals and small children with your plastic Japanese duckface. (Also, “Plastic Japanese Duckface” would be a great name for a band. You’re welcome.) As weird as this product is, it’s just another part of the beauty market, where products have dubious effectiveness at best. Plenty of Westerners have marketed ridiculous attempts at warding off the effects of aging, like this unintentionally hilarious exercise video from the ’80s.

For something cool and edible coming out of Japan, and perfect for giving to your geeky sweetie who’s into astronomy for Valentine’s Day, is a chocolate solar system. If you’re trying to keep to a diet for New Year’s resolution, you might want to check out our post on Autom, a diet robot.