The Most Complete Legend Of Zelda Tattoo Yet

The Hero of Time saved our skin throughout many games, so how about you use that same skin to tribute him? It’s tattoo time!

Legend Of Zelda Tattoo

This tattoo has it all: 2D and 3D tributes, a Trifore, the royal insignia, Link, Zelda, and Hyrule Castle, all in glorious full color, which we can’t imagine how long it must’ve taken to do. We’ve talked about Zelda Tattoos in the past (See: 13 Zelda Fans Show Off Their Tattoos) but this one here deserves special attention for all the care and thought put into it, but above all, because it turned out great, which is something most color tattoos have a hard time with. If you want to see more Zelda related fan productions, check out Awesome Fan-Made Trailer For Zelda: The Lost Oracle.

This bad boy here first surfaced in FYT, and was found via our pals at Fashionably Geek.