Swing Copters, the new game from the creator of Flappy Bird

Users who enjoyed this year’s maddening Flappy Bird and its million clones will be happy to learn that its creator has a new game incoming. Its title is Swing Copter, and it launches next thursday, the 21st of August.

Swing Copters

Vietnamese game creator Dong Nguyen found an unlikely hit with Flappy Bird, and although he ended up hating the game and pulling it down from the app stores, that didn’t stop everyone and their mothers from talking about it. If the story is to repeat itself, Nguyen’s next candidate is Swing Copters, which Touch Arcade claims will release next thursday for free, with an option to remove all ads for 99 cents.

Swing Copters is similar in spirit to Flappy Bird, as it will still have players maneuvering and dodging obstacles. Whereas in Flappy Bird players tapped to move up, in Swing Copters they will have to move left and right. It’s not clear which platofrms it’s going to be available for, but probably we’ll end up seeing it in both Android and iOS. The question remains, though, will it be as addicting as Flappy Bird? If it succeeds, will it piss Nguyen off nearly as much as Flappy Bird did? We’ll see. Maybe it was light in a bottle, maybe Nguyen is the Miyamoto of mobiles creating the most strangely compelling titles.

Via Polygon

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