Flappy Bird to Relaunch in August With Multiplayer

After being pulled from the App Store and Google Play Store by creator Dong Nguyen, Flappy Bird will be returning in August, complete with multiplayer.

Flappy Bird

You don’t make the world’s most notoriously difficult game without treading on a few toes, at least not in Dong Nguyen’s case, as the Vietnam-based developer brought Flappy Bird to the world’s mobile devices causing players to lash out in frustration at just how hard it is to control the game’s aerially challenged character. It wasn’t just the usual slew of anger either as it spilled out in acerbic runs of racial abuse and verbal bile that saw Nguyen pull the game from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store in an effort to get everyone to leave him alone. Predictably, given how popular Flappy Bird is, it didn’t quite work with plenty of people still chomping at the bit for a chance to play Flappy Bird once more (some people have even gone to the length of renting out phones just to play it) and so as a result, Nguyen is set to bring the game back in August.

His decision to bring Flappy Bird back to our mobile devices once more is unclear, but the game’s creator did explain what we can expect from Flappy Bird v 2.0 when he revealed his plans to news outlet CNBC. Nguyen says that the number one reason why we shouldn’t expect the new version of the game soon is because he’s going to add multiplayer to it. The game already has some subtle multiplayer aspects – if you call complaining about the game or boasting about your score to your friends ‘multiplayer’, that is – so adding a tangible multiplayer mode to Flappy Bird would likely soothe the pain of being absolutely rubbish at it.

Furthermore, while Nguyen’s idea sounds great, there is a question of whether or not Flappy Bird will reach its once-meteoric heights of as many of the mobile success stories we’ve seen (e.g Angry Birds) have been sustained efforts, with the developers in those cases never deciding to pull their star game from virtual store shelves. Too, after Flappy Bird was removed from sale, an actual Flappy Bird MMO (of sorts) was released and while it was God awful (lag was a key feature of said MMO), it may have dimmed the light of Nguyen’s upcoming Flappy Bird rerelease so we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: CNET

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