21 Coolest Ammunition Designs

Either the artists find lethal weapons inspiring, or there are so many bullets in this world that people have to think of one way or another to make something cool out of them. Whatever the case is, ammunition in general and bullets in particular have provided artists a new platform to demonstrate their wildest creativity. Below are 21 coolest artworks made out of ammunition for your contemplation.

Al Farrow’s Reliquaries Collection

Image Source: Al Farrow Sculptures

Like any other schools of art, ammunition art has its own established artists, and Al Farrow is one of them. With used gun components, bullets and steel shots, Al Farrow re-created holy places of major religions in the world to reveal the violent side of religion. They include synagogues, cathedrals, mosques and other religious symbols that come together in his Reliquaries collection.

Bullet Cross

Image Source: Julie Manalad

Another combination of religion and bullet, this rosary is a piece of fine art from Germany.

Super Mario Bros

Created by That’s What I Do, the bullet Super Mario profile was made out of many 45 ACP cartridges. The bullets were painted in different colors to create the shades that brings our beloved Mario closer to real life. Gun up, Mario! You have a princess to save.

Canvas Bullet Hole Art

Image Source: Zevs

With white metal sheets as canvas, a gun as paint brush, bullet holes as pixels and creativity as your power, you don’t need to be an artist to create super cool bullet hole pictures like the ones below. You can also mark the spots where the bullet holes need to be beforehand.

Car Bullet Hole Art

Image Source: Bit Rebels

It takes a lot of nerve (and money) for this Russian artist to commission a group of extremely good shooters to decorate his BMW 3-Series with bullet hole flowers. They missed a lot, but the end result is worth it, no?

Cigarette Bullet

Image Source: Por Homme

An image is worth 1000 words. The hard feeling this cigarette bullet photo, taken by Robert Gligorov, can make any smoker lost in thoughts. Smoking kills!

Bullet Buddy

Image Source: Sweet Station

The bullet buddy is looking awfully sad. How can it not be sad when all what people want him to do is to hurt other people? The Bullet buddies are necklaces created by Rachel Pfeffer from empty bullet shells found in shooting ranges.

Camouflage Bullet Art

Image Source: ArtBusiness

Created by Moses Nornberg out of thousands of bullets, this huge wall mosaic tells the story of those who did not survive despite camouflage.

Shell Chair

Image Source: Buzberry

Even though it is not clear how comfortable it is to sit on the chair, the risk of being exploded anytime makes this chair quiet interesting. This chair is hand-made from real-life shotgun shells which are luckily “once-fired” and trimmed by Rehhab.

Bullet Proof Vest

Image Source: Ross

Bullet proof vest is now a true bullet proof vest as it does not only protect you from the bullets but is also made of shells. This provocative sculpture was created by Ross Rodriguez at 28″ long and 15″ wide.

Bullet Flowers

Image Source: Bullet Flowers Site

Lethal weapons can be surprisingly elegant. These original works of art are made with wire stems, in a shotgun shell vase, with fired bullets as the flowers, pedals, and leaves.

WWII Sweetheart Bullet Picture Frame

Image Source: Reference Library

The toughness of bullets and the sweetness of love come together in this World War II inspired picture frame to make any beholder stay for a while to think of the meaning behind it.

Bullets Slicing Through Water Droplets

Image Source: Geekologie

These incredible images were captured by Alexander Augusteijn, a photographer specializing in high speed photography from Netherlands. According to him, several hundreds of trial shots may be needed to get timing correct.

Amazing Bullet Shots

Image Source: Techfresh

Bullet slow motion shots do not only look cool with water, but also with pretty much everything else, from a card to a chalk stick. The key secret here is to click at a right time, and to have a camera which  is as fast as a bullet.