A Revolution In Transportation: Subway Game Straps

Our lives move so fast nowadays, and we value when we can do things on the go. That is why gaming companies have found a new solution so we can indulge in our hobby. Introducing the Game Straps, a modern solution by designer Jiang Qian that should make each one of our trips using public transportation so much more bearable. If you are like us, and never know what to do during rush hour, and complain about not finding seats, this little something might be for you.

Game Strap 1

The Game Strap is a handle with a video game that would replace the straps seen in current public transportation  (buses, subways, or even trains in some countries). The game is turned on when the user grabs the handle, and can be controlled moving it left or right. Also, the handle has a single button which can be activated by the user’s thumb on each side, so even lefties have something in for them.

Game Strap 2

The games available would be simple but classics: shooting, pinball, tetris and freekick, amongst others, so users can kill time no matter their tastes. If users have too much fun, though, they might miss their stops, and that is why the display would also show the name of the next station and vibrate as well, giving players a reminder as they approach their destination. The strap is powered by the grip of hand, and turns off when the user releases it (so no nose scratching, gamers! It’s not only bad taste but will kill your high-score). Now you can keep yourself safe and entertained.

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