‘The Beast’ by M55 Bikes

Pedal pushing, mechanical cycles have had this image of being a friendly, gentle, mode of transport ever since its inception. A cycle allows the rider to get from point A to point B on the energy exerted by the rider. This allows the cycle to double up as a form of exercise as well.

While the cycle is perfect mode of transport in sleepy small towns or the suburbs, people do not prefer the mechanical two-wheeler on city roads.  One reason being that the speed of a cycle is turtle-paced when compared to motor powered vehicles. The cycle is often bullied on urban roads by its motor-fitted counterpart: the motorbike.

All that is history now with ‘The Beast’: an electric cycle designed and executed by M55 Bikes. The designers at M55 have nicknames their innovative creation, The Beast, for a particular reason. It features the aesthetics of a stylized animal ready to be unleashed on motorized bullies of city roads. The cycle has been crafted from materials that one would find in elite sports such as Formula One racing.

Aluminium and carbon fibre plates are placed together in sharp angles to form the body frame of the innovative cycle. Black and silver color tones cover the Monocoque 7075 CNC Aluminum & carbon fiber plates. The front and rear wheels of the cycle are fitted with powerful suspensions that has the capacity to launch ‘The Beast’ over unsuspecting traffic, in case the rider is caught in traffic snarl.

At the heart of this new age cycle is a modern, EB-PC brushless electric motor that can generate a torque of 5.2Nm. This power when translated into numbers would mean a top speed of 40 miles per hour. A single charge of the electric motor and The Beast can go as far as 75 miles without a pit stop.

The modern engine of the battery-powered cycle is fast, economical, and has an intelligent quotient to it. Sensors are placed on the engine to monitor the speed of the machine. If the sensors feel that the rider needs an extra push to navigate the terrain, it boosts the engine speed to provide that extra torque.

The Beast is a one of a kind electric cycle that could be used by avid cyclists as regular means of transport on city roads. The intelligent design and green technology of the cycle could be used as a standard for future two-wheelers.

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Via: Yanko Design