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best vr set 2016 Stylish Pasonomi VR Headset

Pasonomi is specifically designed to be used with smartphones and can be a valuable addition while watching movies on the big screen. You could consider the Pasonomi as your own private 3D cinema. Most importantly, the makers claim that the headset has been designed for all age groups, making it perfect to be used by the elderly and also by children. Many old people often complain about feeling fatigued or dizzy but not with the Pasonomi. This stylishly designed headset ensures that uncomfortable physiological responses are avoided thanks to the spherical resin lens materials. The best feature of this headset has to be the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Pasonomi is compatible with iPhones 4 and above, and most premium Android devices. At $30, it is also one of the more affordable VR headsets available online.

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