The Coolest and Most (Un?)Necessary Mustache Products You’ve Ever Seen

Mustaches of all sorts are the “in” thing to not only grow, but have in your home and other random places. Some people love this facial hair trend so much that they got inspired to create some of the funniest mustache inspired products we’ve found:

1. Mustache Egg Fryer

Get even the most picky eater to dive into delicious eggs with this unique mustache-shaped egg fryer. Source.

2. Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags

Disguise an ordinary sandwich with these cool mustached sandwich bags. Source.

3. Mustache Ornament

Ornaments really do work year round … and what better way to celebrate your uniqueness than with a mustache-shaped ornament. Source.

4. Mustache Jumbo Magnet

Give your car some of its own style with the mustache oversized magnet. Source.

5. Flavor Savers Mustache Clips


Save your mustache from getting crumbs in it by using it to close up the source of them. Source.

6. Moustache Pillow

Missing your grandfather? Throw this mustache pillow on a rocking chair and reminisce. Source.

7. Hello Kitty Mustache Coin Bag

Even Hello Kitty has joined the mustache trend and gives you a taste with her Hello Kitty coin purse. Source.

8. Mustache Coin Purse

Show off your manly style with this interesting mustache coin purse. Source.

9. Wine Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

Grab that mustache by the handlebars and screw open a bottle of your finest! Source.

10. Mustache earrings

The perfect accessory for any girly-girl is, of course, these mustache earrings. Source.

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