The Wizard of Oz Characters Plush Toys

A series of plush toys that comes from the Magical Land of Oz, designed by L. Frank Baum, are begging all the attention and applaud lately.

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey Plush

These toys are simple, cute, and colorful enough to make you go for it. A one-on-one description of the wizard characters will do the needful in letting all get a glimpse of these. The first wizard doll to be introduced is the Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey Plush costing just $12.99 and throwing the look of a damn cute monkey baby with a height of 6 1/2-inches. The specialty of this flying monkey doll is that this truly worth-cuddling doll comes dressed in the very lovely uniform of his, the vest and the hat. Good enough to play and fight with the wicked witch and protect your castle!

The Wizard of Oz Tin Man Plush is another toy with a charm that in spite of carrying a matt tin body color, has been the favorite of the admirers. It is sober, simple and not to forget, it is just very lovely to be kept hung or to be placed in your study table. With a height of 7 inches it will be a good addition to your collection of plush toys and to that of the over all look of your table. Also runs for only $12.99.

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Plush

The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Plush looks naughty and yet smart enough to assist and advise Dorothy, his best mate. Why only Dorothy, getting a Scarecrow Plush will add some confidence and courage to your personality as well because the very look of this toy clad in that signature hat of his is handsome and is 8-inches tall. It costs only $12.99.

Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion Plush

The Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion Plush is a funny, cute, and approximately 7-inches tall lion which is another lovely character of the Wizards of Oz characters. The medal on his chest that has been provided to him by the Wizard itself speaks it loud that the Cowardly Lion Plush is a brave lion to protect you at times, although it is quite funny to find him named as “Cowardly.”  This toy too will cost you the same as others, just $12.99. Wizard of Oz Dorothy Plush Amongst all these funny little characters, one must not forget the very cute and innocent Dorothy. She’s the Wizard of Oz Dorothy Plush. She is adorable, pretty, and the apple of everybody’s eyes and her little kitty is always with her wherever she goes. She is only 7-inches tall! and can be yours for only $12.99.

Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West Plush

Last but not the least, the very witchy and the very wicked, the Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West Plush will be a must buy for all costing only $12.99. Her broomstick, green hair, black dress, and those green skin hands, well if you see something like that anywhere, just be quick in hiding your ruby slippers. Also have a look at Star Wars Holiday Yoda Plush Doll and Steve Jobs Plush Toy.