This Chair Magically Refills Your Glass with Beer

You won’t have to get up and walk to the kitchen to get another glass of beer, because this chair magically refills it for you.

A video posted on You Tube shows how a lounge chair or recliner can be used to refill a glass with cold beer. The men on the video demonstrated the cool invention by placing an empty cup on the built in receptacle, and then the beer magically gets filled in from the bottom!


Well, the video itself leaves much to the imagination. With only 30 seconds or so of airtime, and very quick camera angles of the beer refilling chair, you kind of wonder if this is real or not? I kind of guessed that the plastic cups or glasses they used had a special valve on the bottom, and when it’s fitted onto the receptacle on the chair, it creates a vacuum seal preventing the spillage of the beer. That makes it easy for the chair to instantly refill the glass from the bottom.

Even the online community differed in the comments they gave on the video, which is gaining more and more views per day. Some were truly impressed with the magic beer refilling chair and want to get one of their own. Some people say that this technology has already been used in other applications, and it is only now that they’ve seen it used in a beer refilling chair.

The great thing about the wonders of the magic beer refilling chair is that you can conjure up other ways to have fun with it. Why not fill it up with orange juice or cold milk to keep you refreshed at breakfast? How about fitting this machine onto your work desk so it can refill your hot cuppa every other hour?

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