6 Nintendo Promo Tapes Not Seen Since the 1990s

Do you know Nintendo? How about these rare Nintendo video promos, hmm?

History, my friends. If you fail to learn from it, you’re doomed to repeat it. Let’s hope who ever made these ancient Nintendo commercials learned to make better ones… or at least less cringe-worthy ones.

Nintendo VHS promos by jjgames image

Below you’ll find 6 rare promos not seen since the 1990s contributed by NeoGaf forumite jjgames, videos at one time used to advertise the likes of Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, the Super Game Boy, and the famed 1990 Nintendo Championships. You’ll also find within these videos is the day-glow fashion sense of early 90s teens and kids. I’ll admit it, I rocked that back in the day; heck, I kind of do right now. Enough fashion mumbo-jumbo though, let’s get to watching.

Nintendo World Championships 1990 Recap

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2OpRgo0dQI]

Campus Challenge 92 Sales Presentation

Nintendo PowerFest 91 Sales Presentation

Ken Griffey Jr Baseball Promo Tape

Nintendo SCES 1994 Marketing Video (Summer Consumer Electronics Show)

“How We Do It” – Marketing video for prospective retailers and business partners

I hope you enjoyed that short time-jump to our gaming past, a humorous one that reminds us how far advertising for videogames has changed since the years that followed. I for one felt a much kid-friendly atmosphere and notable lack of explosions.

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