This Unique and New Frozen Watch Transforms Into a Robot

A curious product discovery has set the social media abuzz, and this time around, it is a Frozen watch that transforms into an Elsa robot. It looks like an innocuous watch at first glance, something that one might find in one of the many electronic stores in Tokyo. However, within a few seconds, one will realize that this is no ordinary watch. It quickly transforms into an Elsa robot that is uniquely wonderful. 

The transformation from Frozen Watch to Elsa Robot is incredible

The watch is dedicated to children who love the popular Disney film Frozen. People love Frozen due to its main characters Elsa and Olaf, and thousands of Frozen-related products are already in the market.

However, this kid’s digital watch features Elsa and Olaf but quickly turns into a pink and white Elsa robot.

The robot’s arms stretch, out, finally revealing tiny hands. Finally, Elsa’s head pops out and it is too tiny for the size of her body. This makes the watch look surreal in a certain angle. 

Frozen Watch uses pink and white as dominant colors

One must bear in mind that pink and white aren’t colors associated with Elsa’s character. However, this watch heavily borrows from these color combinations and looks almost magical due to the uniqueness. After all, there are a lot of products that people and journalists perceive to be “weird” when they originate from Japan. This only points towards labeling what one is not familiar with as “weird”. Japan’s culture is unique and is quite different from American pop culture. 

“Weird” Japanese products such as Frozen Watch may help children become more inclusive

As American culture is dominant throughout the world, most people find Japanese culture exotic and otherworldly. While this may arouse curiosity and interest in some users, it may also lead to the othering of Japanese culture, which can have serious negative effects for Japanese people living in Western countries. 

Products such as this Frozen watch might help people to get over this idea that what seems different and unfamiliar is “weird”. Hopefully, children who buy this Frozen watch that transforms into an Elsa robot will get more familiar with Japan’s products and culture, and thus become more inclusive.