My Keepon: The Little Yellow Robot that Dances to the Beat

Meet My Keepon, a tiny yellow robot that dances to the beat of whichever song you have playing. Guaranteed to be a hit this holiday season.

my keepon yellow robot

According to our source, these cute, and ridiculous, looking robots were recently designed by a British firm in order to coincide with this year’s holiday shopping season.

The robot keeps perfect time to any song that is played, matching it with its own bizarre movements that make it look like it’s bopping along to the beat.

If you haven’t seen on in action, be sure to check out this video clip that went viral a little while back. Here we get to catch a few glimpses of a My Keepon dancing to “Turn my Camera On” by Spoon.

The robots also have a few other tricks up their sleeves. They can mirror nearby movements, reacting to the way the peoplea round them are, and even giggle and squirm when people come in to poke or tickle them.

Apparently, the Keepons were first being developed by a team of researchers studying autism and examining methods of interaction. In the end, they gave the world a ridiculous yellow robot. When they started showing clips on youtube, it became a huge hit, and they quickly realized that there could be a market for these types of robots as toys.

The little guys go for about $60.00, but due to some current scarcity and demand, sellers on eBay are hawking them for much, much more. Some people are offering second hand models for close to $200.00. I’d recommend waiting for the next holiday shipment, due at the end of November, to come in if you want to make a move for a My Keepon.

Remember, every performance is unique. My Keepons will interpret the songs they hear differently every time, which is a lot more than I can say for the average person on the bar room dance floors.

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