Minecraft: The Indie Revolution [Infographic]

Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft … it seems it’s all us fans of indie games can talk about. This game by developer Notch revolutionized the scene, as a romantic tale of a very talented man who against all odds believed in his dream, challenged the industry, and created something unique without conforming to anyone’s laws but his own. The project started out small, but quickly became a huge Internet phenomenon, and now that the game is finally coming out of beta after about a year and a half of development, we can finally enjoy the first complete version of the game, which released in November 18th of this year. It seemed the proper time to tribute Notch’s hard work revisiting the past and remembering some milestones in the project’s creation … in infographic form.

by visually via

What makes Minecraft so special? It’s basically a gigantic virtual Lego playground where users can build whatever they want as long as they can imagine it (and can find enough trees to punch), but they have to do it in order to survive the monsters (“mobs”) that come out at night in true zombie fashion. The game became huge in very short time thanks to the support of many communities amongst which we can count Reddit and /v/, who fell in love with the game instantly. Also, since Notch gave it all for his Minecraft project (which, let’s be fair, it is a quality game), the community has started developing Minecraft Mods to enhance Notch’s simple graphics or add extra options and gameplay features to the game. Minecraft is a perfectly tailored experience for any user willing to go the indie way.