Tobii Glasses 2 Shows Others What You’re Looking At in Real Time

As the wearable revolution continues, the new Tobii Glasses 2 gadget is a Google Glass rival that shows other people what you’re looking at.

Tobii Glasses 2

Inarguably, the biggest concern around wearable gadgets, such as Google Glass or the Samsung Galaxy Gear, is that the ‘features’ that they are offer are actually some well marketed gimmicks. Particularly in the case of Google Glass, which, while it has many practical uses such as allowing you to view a map as you walk along (thus reducing the chances of you falling over as you try to keep an eye on the Google Maps app on your phone) and the ability to take photos via voice command, there are also some less useful uses such as a QR scanner – QR codes after all are the oft-seen but rarely used augmented reality feature. So with that in mind, technology company Tobii have created the Tobii Glasses 2, an eye tracking headset that’s a successor to their original device.

The headline feature of the Tobii Glasses 2 is its aforementioned eye tracking capabilities. With a wider field of vision than the pair of glasses that came before it, the Tobii Glasses 2 does this by using several front and eye facing cameras. There are four cameras tracking your eyes, to allow for a precise set of data on where you’re looking, so it seems like almost every direction is covered there, meanwhile, there’s just one camera facing forward which captures your viewpoint transmitting it back to a viewer in glorious 1080p HD meaning that despite not being right there in the midst of the action, they are still able to view all of the same things as you, whilst able to provide some extra analysis.

It’s that analysis that could perhaps clue you in on the price of the Tobii Glasses 2. Their recommended use is by product developers and sports teams, the latter of which could use the technology to analyse how plays are going about or to see extra things – up close – on the court or the field. As a result, the Tobii Glasses 2 are selling for $14,900 which is pricey but it could be a valuable investment if you have solid plans for how to use it.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Tobii

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