19 Cartoon Characters Artistic Evolution

It’s always incredible to see how animation has developed along with technology, as cartoon characters over the years change so much it’s almost impossible to recognize and compare today’s version with the original one.


He wasn’t the coolest looking dude to begin with:

Old Archie

But it looks like girls prefer the newer him:



Something of a sheepish anteater to begin with, turned into a confident nerd:

Weird lookin' Arthur

Bugs Bunny

Old Bugs

Charlie Brown

Not a lot has changed from the 1950s when it comes to Charlie Brown:

Old Charlie Brown


But it’s hard not to notice even the slightest change:

Color CB


Just your regular Princess:


And this is the Disney Princess:



There’s the really grumpy, melted version:

Early Garfield

And a slightly happier interpretation



Mickey Mouse

Here he is on the steamboat:

Mickey Mouse

And the cocky mouse just standing around



Peter Pan

B&W Peter Pan

And here he is in color:

Color Peter Pan


Tall and scary to start with:

Tall Pinocchio

But refined over the years with the Disney touch:

Color Pinocchio


An overgrown cactus riding a horse:

Cactus Shrek

And Shrek with a less ride-able donkey:

Shrek & Donkey

South Park

A blurry, terrible version in 1992:

Old South Park

And the modern one we all know and love (most of us at least) today:

New South Park


He needed four legs at one point:

Young Snoopy

But became a bit more human, walking on just two, later on:

Running snoopy

The Iron Giant

This is the 1968 version:

The Iron Giant

And this is the big chunk of metal 31 years later:

New Iron Giant

The Simpsons

Here they are at inception in 1987:

Original Simpsons

But over the years they’ve been smoothed out, looking like this:

Modern Simpsons


Yogi Bear

Here he is in the flat version:

Flat Yogi

And here is his fuller version:

3d Yogi

And here is the same effect with Alvin & The Chipmunks

Old Alvin

3d alvin

And here is the same effect with Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf

3d papa smurf

And Scooby…


Scooby Doo


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For more cartoon characters undergoing changes, here are some of them without their mustaches, and for those with interest in a more in depth look, here are their skeletons.