Kisai Quasar Hexagonal LCD Watch Tells Time in a Cryptic Way

Once a concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog, the Kisai Quasar hexagonal LCD watch has entered mass-production recently. While it may take a while to get used to it, Kisai Quasar is definitely worth wearing around your wrist, and is guaranteed to help you step out of the crowd.

Hexagons dominate the design of Kisai Quasar. Not only its case (and consequently the dial) has this geometrical shape. The LCD display is filled with smaller hexagons that hide the time from unadvised eyes.

These hexagons are only visible when the pattern mode is activated. We can deduce that there are multiple ways of displaying the time. Users are hence recommended to select the mode they are most comfortable with, as distinguishing the numbers inside the hexagons may be difficult at times.

As seen in the following picture, Kisai Quasar also features a number mode, which displays the time sans the camouflage. The two upper numbers denote the current hour, while the lower ones denote the minutes. The third way of displaying the time, called Animation Mode, represents an animated transition between the two other modes. It looks hypnotizing, but hopefully it does not induce headaches.

Kisai Quasar does more than just telling the time. More precisely, it also comes with alarm mode, stop watch, animation and EL backlight.

In terms of sturdiness, Kisai Quasar is built to last a long time. Its stainless steel strap and case have a glossy finish that’s meant to catch the eye of other people. If you add the fact that it’s a limited edition timepiece that not many others will get to wear, you will definitely realize the true value of this hexagonal watch.

The watch comes in 8 possible color combinations. Basically, people can choose between black or silver metallic straps and green, blue, red or mirror LCD displays. Regardless of what combination you will pick, your Kisai Quasar will definitely look great. I’m glad that Tokyoflash decided not to use a golden strap on this one, as it would’ve looked a bit tacky.

Tokyoflash prides itself in having designed and manufactured all of the components of the Kisai Quasar, including the strap, case and the unique LCD display.

Kisai Quasar is on sale on the Tokyoflash website for $149. As usual, the manufacturer offers a $4 discount if you like the Facebook page of the product.

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