Top 10 Dark Souls T-Shirts

Dark Souls is one of the most popular video game series of the past few years, and it’s also one of the toughest. Reminiscent of old-school games of the past, it’s challenging, brutal, punishing, and often unforgiving. In fact, the game’s slogan, is “prepare to die.” You will die over and over again, but for some reason, you’ll feel compelled to keep playing. This series is seriously addicting, even though it’s also incredibly frustrating. The satisfaction you’ll get from finally beating a boss you’ve been struggling with, feels absolutely amazing.


If you haven’t played any Dark Souls games, or its spinoff, Bloodborne, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and play them! If you’re already a fan, or know a fan, you’ll want to check out these top ten Dark Souls T-Shirts!

Dark Souls Abyss Walkers T-Shirt

The Abyss Watchers are a memorable boss in the series, as is Knight Artorias, the Abyss Walker. If you’ve conquered theses bosses, this t-shirt should be your reward! It’s simple, stylish, and will show off your love of Dark Souls.

Dark Souls Dank Souls T-Shirt

Hey, uh, I got some dank souls for you…You’ve probably heard the term, “dank memes” recently, and this is a great example of one. Wanna be hip like all the cool kids and keep up with your memes? Wear this t-shirt. (As you can tell from my language, I am not one of the cool kids.)

Dark Souls Adventure Souls T-Shirt

Adventure Time and Dark Souls, two polar opposites of each other. A lighthearted, hilarious cartoon, and a dark, violent, depressing video game, yet somehow, they complement each other nicely. I love this t-shirt a lot, and it’s great for showing off your pride for multiple fandoms.

Dark Souls Anor Londo Archery Club T-Shirt

Getting annoyed by the Anor Londo archers? Happens to the best of us. So why not join their archery club? Of course, you can’t actually, but you can pretend to while wearing this t-shirt. That’s got to ease the irritation at least a little, right?

Dark Souls T-Shirt

The artwork on this shirt is just gorgeous. It belongs on a poster. I can see it now, “Dark Souls, coming to a theater near you.” It would look beautiful. This t-shirt features some of the most interesting characters you’ll encounter and always remember.

Dark Souls Mimic Ball T-Shirt

Another shirt featuring two different series, this one is perfect for Dark Souls and Pokemon fans. It’s awesome, I mean, just look at those teeth. Creepy, yet the Pokeball makes it cute somehow. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know I’m a fan of cute stuff. Creepy and cute at the same time? That’s a win.

Dark Souls Praise the Sun T-Shirt

“Praise the sun!” This is one of the most widespread, popular lines about Dark Souls. Everyone has heard this line before, and it makes the series immediately recognizable. Solaire of Astora, the character who first utters this line, is a great character, one of the greatest in the entire series.

Dark Souls Git Gud Scrub T-Shirt

Take a look at any online forum related to Dark Souls, and you’ll see this variation of “get good,” everywhere. Dark Souls is notorious for its high difficulty level, and its players are probably some of the most so-called, “hardcore” gamers around. Newbies to the Souls series often have a very difficult time adapting to the level of difficulty, and when they ask for help, many people simply say, “git gud.” It’s a true statement, after all, practice really does make perfect when it comes to this series.

Dark Souls Keep Calm You Died T-Shirt

Hilarious, yet sadly true. Dark Souls is not a series you should stay calm in. Stand around, or walk slowly, and you’ll die for sure. You have to be alert at all times, as enemies can ambush you at any moment. Stay on your toes when playing this series, and don’t keep calm.

Dark Souls The Maiden T-Shirt

The maiden is one of the few friendly characters you’ll encounter, and therefore, you’ll likely grow quite the attachment to her. This t-shirt will show your affection towards this awesome character.

Hopefully, you found some t-shirts you like! Remember, there’s plenty more out there for every Dark Souls fan!