Transformers Are Real And Live Among Us

Not many of us can take the Transformers franchise seriously anymore after what Michael Bay did to the movies, but we’ll always feel something for the classics. And the classic Transformers show was one of the most creative TV shows at the time, and we’re glad it’s been brought to life, at that!

real transformer

One of the things that were incredibly cool in Transformers what that most (okay, just some) of the transformations were actually done on scale and sort of made sense, so they could be recreated in toys. But this is the first time that we see it happening on a pint-sized version.

This is the “Version Eight” of an ongoing project by Kenji Ishida from JS Robotics. He used 22 servomotors to help make the transformation. To be honest, we can’t wait to see what version nine looks like…

Via: Dvice

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