Transparent Mobile Phone: You Gotta “See-Through” It to Believe It

We do know that mobile devices have become smaller and thinner than ever before, but are they also becoming more invisible?

This prototype transparent mobile phone was designed by Polytron Technologies in Taiwan. Its tough glass body will feature a dual-sided multi-touch interface, meaning you can operate it from the front and the back. According to the company, this see-through cell phone uses Switchable Glass Technology, which contains organic light emitting diodes (OLED) that light up liquid crystal molecules and create visible display.

Transparent Mobile Phone 1

Almost everything on this unique cell phone is transparent, such as its body and the wires that conduct electricity through its system. Currently, though, the lithium batteries, SIM card, and the SD card are visible through the seemingly invisible phone. Polytron is working on a way to make those features less apparent in their finished product.

Right now, the transparent mobile phone model is still unnamed, and Polytron is yet to determine which operating system it will run on. They still are working out the details as to what the demand for this device will be, and how it can fare against competition brands. Besides the phone being hard to find in your purse, perhaps it should also contain other features like a camera or a cloaking device, making it switch from visible to invisible in a snap.

Polytron Technologies has been recognized worldwide for their electronic products such as the Privacy LED Screen, already featured in interrogation booths in the show CSI Miami. This specialized glass screen can transform from being transparent to totally opaque with a flick of a switch. Eventually, Polytron hopes their prototype transparent mobile phone will also make waves globally by the end of 2013.

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Via Daily Mail