StompBox: Pedal Controller For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

If you are quite familiar with Apps like iShred LIVE, iShred, Guitar and other such music themed applications on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch then you might welcome this cool new i-Gadget with great enthusiasm; StompBox- an actual foot pedal controller that allows the musicians to use a compatible iOS device.


The StompBox is a studio-quality 4 channel pedal-board, made specifically for use with a Guitar, Bass or other Musical Instruments. It sports a standard 1/4″ jack which accommodates various input plugs form volume and expression to wah-wah pedals.


Griffin Technology aims to bring the true Pedal-Board experience to the iPad through the StomBox, its ability to interface with the iShred LIVE app to switch between effects, start and stop practice tracks and metronome, and a wide range of other cool features makes this device extremely user-friendly and fun to play with!


Selling for just $99.99, this cool new gadget should really make it your iBand an in addition to the controller you also get a Guitar Connect Cable hence you don’t have to fret over finding a compatible plug. You should also check out the KonKreet Performer and the Trenchtown Rock Headphones.