Mods Tron Case Mod by Boddaker

Tron Case Mod by Boddaker

If you have seen the new Tron movie, or if you are familiar with Tron at all, then you will know that the lightcycle is a signature part of the movie.   Designer Boddaker has taken that signature model and created a computer case mod.  

What prompted Boddaker to take on this project was his love for the Tron movies.  When the new movie came out he decided that he’d base his mod off of the lightcycle.  The style of the lightcycle is a perfect fit for a powerful computer core with it’s dark contrasting black against the glowing blue power lines.

The very appearance is not only impressive, but gives off a powerful feel.  Most of the design work and time was spent using a 3D program.  Boddakers challenge was designing the parts to fit together and all the parts inside to fit while keeping the size comparable to that of a normal Cooler Master case.


Most of the cutting was done with a laser.  All the main parts of the case were cut out from acrylic which, Boddaker states, gives a strong foundation and allows other parts like the fenders to be fabricated from.  Boddaker, when taking on the design, wanted the framework and structure large enough to house a full ATX system with water cooling.  The final size is roughly 40″ long.  The mod has an impressive EVGA X58 motherboard and an Intel i7 965 processor.  For video it has a nice EVGA GTX570 video card.

Other parts include: Pioneer Slimline slot load DVD drive, Cooler Master silent gold 850W power supply, dual bay reservoir by Primochill, and some other water cooling parts.  Another little cool addition is putting the radiator for the cooler in the front, just to add to the motorcycle feel.  The mod looks great, and glows powerfully just as the Tron lightcycle should.  A truly slick and unique mod design.

For more mods see the Steampunk desktop mod and the Volkswagen Beetle computer.

Via: Cooler Master / Slash Gear

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