Limited Edition TRON Kubricks Are Going Fast

As I am sure I have stated before, it seems that fans of TRON can never get enough schwag from the movies. Just about everything you can think of has been modified to fit into the neon-based line world of TRON, and these TRON Kubricks are no exception. Unlike some of the other items we have seen though, these were produced in limited quantities, and the three available models may not be for much longer! This is a great blend of models from the original movie and the more eye pleasing sequel.

As you can see, these little guys are fairly self explanatory. They measure up at 2.5″ Tall, and theya re designer collection kubrick figures that originated from Japan. The three models available are Tron and Sark, Sam & Lightcycle [email protected], and Clu & Lightcycle which are also [email protected] You can check them out in all their glory in the images below. They are currently in stock, and the models won’t set you back all that much. $19.99 doesn’t seem like a lot of bank for limited edition models from Japan, right?

While I probably won’t be picking up one of these myself, I am excited to see the original TRON movie on the big screen. Lucky for me our local theatre has a free movie night each month, and the old school TRON will be showing! If you are interested in checking out some other cool TRON stuff, I can point you in the right direction. If money is no object, you can take a ride in this Tron-Pimped Mercedes, aka the Blackbird. That will take some serious walking around money, but don’t despair. If you still want to live it up TRON style you can go with the cheaper alternative, the custom TRON Segway.