Blackbird: The Tron-Pimped Mercedes

Tron: Legacy has only been in theaters for about two months, but the movie’s focus on neon lights has influenced so many concept artists like Peter Vardai that it just might bring the 80s back into mainstream fashion – in a futuristic looking way.


Though we’ll probably never see the realization of the Blackbird, you can’t deny how much hypothetical coolness it would bring to your life. Let’s just hope that the neon trails it would leave behind aren’t as destructive as they are in the movie…

The Blackbird doesn’t look like anything we’re used to (besides the fact that it’s computer animated). To my knowledge, no car to date has ever been designed as robustly as this. I mean look at it! It’s like a pear with one completely flat side. But we’re talking sleek, sexy and rugged, not fruity.

This probably wasn’t intentional, but the Blackbird’s grill looks just like the front of the Batmobile –Michael Keaton’s, not Christian Bale’s. Since anybody driving this concept car would have to be as cool and courageous as Bruce Wayne, it’s a suiting comparison. Maybe it will be used in the next Batman movie!

Its lack of headlights is a cool feat, too. Psh, who needs ’em anyway? If it’s leaving solid neon laser walls in its wake then I think we can assume the windshield has been equipped with Batman-like night vision technology. And besides, with all the chicks you’d pick up with this car, being able to see ahead of you won’t be a priority.

By far the coolest thing about the Blackbird is how the neon blue streaks of light decorate its chassis. Who needs Xzibit if you have a pre-pimped ride? Kudos to Peter Vardai!

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Via: The Design Blog