Twitch Channel Pits Fish Against Fish In Street Fighter II

The eyes of Twitch focus on two aquatic pals brawling each other in the famed Capcom fighter.

Twitch Fish Play Street Fighter II image

Not since Daigo Umehara versus Justin Wong has there been a more talked about match of Street Fighter across the Web. And it all revolves around two fierce (I think?) competitors who can’t hold a fight pad or even comprehend what the heck video games are in the first place.

Pet fish, yes, pet fish playing Capcom’s genre defining Street Fighter II are the main attraction for the properly named Twitch channel FishPlayStreetFighter. Using an aquarium fortified with special sensors, dived in a 3-by-3 grid, the set-up helps goldfishes Aquarius (orange) and Robert the Bruce (black) duke it out in the finest venue for virtual fisticuffs.

2014 has certainly seen some kooky, fascinating experiments within the video game streaming website. Months ago, Twitch Plays Pokémon lead the charge with a community crowdsourcing effort to to play Game Freak’s popular monster-based role-playing game, Pokémon Red, and quickly became an huge Internet phenomenon.

Twitch Fish Play Street Fighter image 2

Not surprising, the Twitch Plays fad birthed tons of imitators in the weeks after and has now spread to include pet fish. FishPlayStreetFighter isn’t even the first attempt at the “pet fish playing video games” spectacle. No, that distinction goes to Twitch channel FishPlaysPokemon – and yup, you can easily guess what that channel is all about.

Admittedly, watching our fishy pals play Street Fighter rarely reaches the climatic heights of EVO 2014 – heck, it hardly gets climatic if ever, with some single rounds lasting long periods of time and consisting of either on-screen fighter just jumping in place over and over again. But, hey, as a pinnacle achievement for all fish kind, this is pretty darn neato.

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