Behold! The Ultimate Paper Airplane Is Just Perfect

Paper airplane contests are usually about which one flies the farthest, but if they were about looks, we’ve found the new benchmark. Seriously, this plane wins forever, and then again some more. Check it out!

Best Paper Airplane 1

Now, keep in mind, the only reason why you are not seeing full shots but only detail shots is because this is actually an ongoing project. It’s just that we couldn’t help ourselves, and we had to share what the talented artist urtesy Luca Iaconi-Stewart is doing. This is a 1:60 scale model of the Boeing 777, the largest commercial airline in the world, and Luca has been working on it for years now.

Best Paper Airplane 2

Best Paper Airplane 4

What Luca does is printing out the designs, and then cutting them with his X-Acto knife. Then, it’s only a matter of gluing the parts together. Simple enough, right? Well, not really.


Best Paper Airplane 5

So far, Luca has finished the preliminary design, main infrastructure, and the wings, the hardest part, while what remains are the insides of the plane. If you want to see how the project is coming along, Luca has a YouTube channel which he updates regularly with new shots and information about the plane. Feel free to visit it!

Best Paper Airplane 7

Source: The Verge

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