Upgrade your Coffee Table With These 15 Coolest Coasters for Geeks

Us geeks have this heightened desire to own stuff that represents our obsessive interest. Apart from the things we wear or carry on our bodies, we also like to design our rooms and our houses with any peculiar stuff that shows that. So, why not keep your tables clean and don your tables with cute and artistically designed coasters that match your personality? Here are some of them.

Marvel Auto Coaster Set

is your desk filled with Avengers display? Compliment those with these coasters that show your favorite Avengers heroes.

Exclusive Marvel’s Avengers Coaster Set

If three isn’t enough, here’s more Avengers coasters. With this seven-piece coaster set, you can definitely ensure that your tables remain sparkling clean.

Block Oak Wood Character America Inspired Embellished Set Of 4 Wooden Drink Coaster

Or, perhaps a more subtle representation of your Avengers-slash-Captain America geekery. Here’s a wooden coaster with that remarkable Captain America emblem.

Batman Comic Book Ceramic Coasters

This classic Batman graphic is perfect for a comics fan. Something new to own for you fellow Batman geeks.

Iconic and Super cool Wonder Woman Deluxe Coaster

Match that Batman Coaster with this “iconic and super cool” – as the seller claims –  Wonder Woman-designed coaster. Having that vintage graphic drawing, that seems like a fair statement.

Superman DC Originals Comic Montage Coaster

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a coaster. Yes, coming from the DC universe is this Superman coaster with the same creative comics-inspired layout.

Geek Details Wizard of Oz Coaster Set

Say hi to Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion. Yep, your four favorites from Oz designed in these neoprene coasters to help you keep those tables clean.

Star Wars Engraved Wood Coasters

Here’s a different take on coaster design and this would fit you well if you’re a Star Wars fan: a six-piece coaster set of the Star Wars’ that features the trilogy’s original cast, engraved in these neat-looking wooden coasters.

Star Wars Coffee May the Froth Be with You Ceramic Coasters

Or perhaps this Starbucks X Star Wars designed-coaster with a totally witty statement. Perfect for your coffee cups, indeed!

Star Trek LCARS Coasters

Into a futuristic look? Star Trek geeks say hi to this pair of Star Trek coasters that are designed with the Star Trek operating system – the LCARS!

Star Trek Isolinear Chip Coaster 2-Pack

If you just can’t get enough drinks – and of Star Trek – here are more Star Trek-inspired coasters for your home.

Classic Super Mario Start Screen Ceramic Coasters

Remember that start screen on your Super Mario Family Computer game? Reminisce that – and your childhood days – through a coaster.

The Simpsons Homer drink Coasters

The Simpsons is indeed a classic show. And Homer is a classic character. He’s feeling funky in this coaster. Maybe one of the funniest geek coasters you can get, this especially works if you’re a Simpsons fan.

Sesame Street Round Cork Back Coasters, Set Of Four

Sesame Street fans – young and old – be like: Can you tell me how to get, how to get … Sesame Street coasters?

Official Adventure Time Characters Coaster Set of 4

Drink soda or juice with Jake, Fin and the gang with these eye-catching coasters!