Fashion Artist Illustrates Dresses Out of Food

The wonderful talent and imagination of Edgar Artis manifests in designing impressive dresses for a drawn up woman out of food. The perfect combination of fashion and gastronomy.

You can check out more of his incredible work on his Facebook & instagram pages.

M&M Runway Dress

M&M runway dress

A dress that looks like it’ll fall apart at any moment. And while that might not be something people around this women would be opposed to, let’s hope she has some sort of backup waiting for her.

The Butter Dress

Butter dress

A little bit of heat and this melts, so despite not being a long dress, it’s only for cool climates.

The Popcorn Gown

Popcorn gown

When people talk about a dress that POPS, they’re probably thinking about this. Who knew you needed a microwave to make make a cocktail dress?!

The Chocolate Gown

Chocolate gown

Not only is it raunchy and delightful while somehow reminding me of Jean Grey (Phoenix wings for some reason), but it’s chocolate. As Kramer once called it, the dark master, the cocoa bean!

The Lemon Dress

Lemon Dress

I guess the obligatory pun for this dress is that it makes you look juicy.

The Fries Dress

fries runway dress

I know it doesn’t work that way for everyone, but fries always remind me of the beach during my younger days. And this red and yellow, ketchup and fries design is all about summer.

The Kiwi Dress

Kiwi dress runway

A greenish, healthy combination of the Little Mermaid and Poison Ivy.

Cheese Dress

Cheese dress

Yes, there are holes in it, but they’re placed so the important places will remain hidden, to keep the mystery and allure going.

Onion Dress

onions dress

So beautiful it’ll make you cry.

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