Bike that runs without pedal power

Ferrari Press Agency Ref 4796 FLIZ Bike 1 05/9/2012 See Ferrari text A bicycle with no seat or pedals is a pushover to ride. Called the FLIZ, it needs the user to build up speed by running and then lifting their legs to settle on foot rests at the hub of the rear wheel. Momentum then sends the rider and bike on their way, a little like cartoon stone age man Fred Flintstone?s car. The bike , created by German designers Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter , is fixed to the rider with a belt system suspended from the machine?s frame under which the rider is fixed into pace. Amazingly, the bike is an entry into the annual James Dyson Award for technology , innovation and design open to international students and founded by the Dyson vacuum cleaner inventor. FLIZ comes from the German word ?flitzen? and means speeding... with your feet. The concept is to provide healthy, ecological mobility in overcrowded urban spaces. OPS: The FLIZ pedal and seatless cycle on test

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