20 LED Watches That Elude Time

Tokyoflash is a Japanese watch brand whose watches are famous for a  sole reason: They are are not for telling time. Each watch comes with its own timing system that is impossible to read unless you have learned the instructions to decode by heart. Tokyoflash’s surprising popularity signifies the fact that many people don’t want a watch that tells time, but rather a watch that shows off their unique taste or gives them reason to talk to their crush. Check out the list of 20 watches below and let us know if you want one.

Optical Illusion LED Watch


The Optical Illusion LED Watch gives your eyes a little fun challenge, given that you can manage to see the hidden numbers through the green and black maze. Hedging that a lot of people are likely to get mad when they are rushing to the airport or to an important meeting, Tokyoflash provides a button that you can press to see the time in 4 big digit numbers.

Solar Powered Watch


Designed by Sam from Germany, this solar LED watch uses an alien time system that we humans are not yet familiar with. A string like structure crawls on the watch’s LED membrane in different patterns, each represents a digit number.

Tokyoflash Breaking Glass Watch


The Tokyoflash Breaking Glass Watch is no ordinary watch, but a watch of supernatural power. When you touch the blue LED screen, the thunder is called upon to show you time in the most powerful form. Five minute groups are down on the outer edge of the display. Single minutes (1-4) are shown in four groups in between the hour lines. Three lines indicates one minute.

Kisai Light Speed Watch


Apparently inspired by the race at the light speed of spaceship in science fiction, the Kisai Light Speed watch utilizes a number of asteroid blue LEDS,  “encapsulated” within the streamlined case, to display time.

Available for $47.

Orbit Metal Bracelet


With its black metal sheen and green squiggly lines crawling on the surface, the Orbit Metal Bracelet does not only look like a spy gadget straight out of a James Bond movie but also show time in a very spy like way.

Kisai Wasted Watch


The Kisai Wasted watch is a hi-tech alternative to the old school weeds or mushroom. Just take a look at those flying colorful  numbers and you will immediately know how it feels to be hallucinated.

Rechargeable Broke Watch


Compared to other Tokyoflash watches, the Broke watch is not that hard to read once you understand how those blocks work. The outer blocks show the hours, just placed in the order of a regular watch, the inner ring shows 5-minutes intervals and the rest of the center blocks represent individual 4-minutes. You can easily recharge the watch by connecting the watch to the computer with a USB cable.

Available for $173.

TokyoFlash Sport Mode


Tokyoflash managed to put all the time display, health performance indicators, a body temperature indicator and a heart rate monitor into a comparatively small dial digital LED dial to create this suspicious Sport Mode watch.

Kisai LED Traffic Watch


Kisai LED Traffic Watch got its name not just for its map like design, but it actually gives the users access the full map of roads and suggest the easiest way to reach a destination. While the hours 1-12 are used to denote the streets in blue and the 1-4 single minutes show the highway located out of the town in green, the 5 minute intervals are used for depicting the subways in orange.

Available for $189.

Kisai Changing Lanes Watch


Another traffic jam inspired watch, the Kisai Changing Lanes watch can at least entertain you during the rush hour. The hours start with 1:00 which goes to 6:00 at the bottom when you start traveling. When you change lanes, the hours shift from 7:00 to 12:00 from bottom towards the top.

Available for $163.

Fire LED Watch


With its killer look, the Fire LED watch was apparently designed with one sole purpose: to burn your fellow geeks with envy. When you touch the upper button for the watch to show the time, the watch does show time, but in some sort of LED combination that I will not pretend that I understand.

Available for $82.

Multi LED Ni Watch


Multi LED Ni watch model is an off the wall watch design that uses mutli-colored LED spots to display the time and date. Ni has separate areas for the different slots, dividing the 2 hour, 1 hour, 10 minute, 5 minute, and 1 minute mark.

Available for $82.

Spectrum Watch


Called Spectrum, David Brophy’s watch design was named after the spectrum formed by seven colors of the rainbow it uses to display time. Each color represent a certain amount of time: the red, orange, or yellow rectangle represents 1 hour, the green rectangle represents 4 minutes each, the blue rectangle is equivalent to 3 minutes, the indigo rectangle means 2 minutes, and the violet rectangle is 1 minute.

Squares Watch


The Squares watch is capable of showing time thanks to 25 lit or unlit LED squares arranged into a grid. The watch has such a wonder minimalist design that you won’t even care if it is functional or not.

Tibida LED Watch


The Tibida LED watch from Tokyoflash is a watch that will require you a little Math skill to read time. The watch expresses time in three ways, the hour centric mode, the minute centric mode and the binary mode.

Warsaw Wrist Watch


To pay homage to the renowned Polish mathematician Waclaw Sierpinski, the American designer Logan has come up with a watch design, called Warsaw Wrist watch, that uses Sierpinski triangles to display time.

Pimp Star IP LED Watch


Made from solid stainless steel and a mineral crystal lens, Pimp Star IP LED watch will bring the stars right on to your watch in the form of LED. The watch comes four icons, each represents a time unit: the clock: the time, the sun: the day and the date, the martini glass: the night time and $: the year.

Tron-Inspired Watch


Tokyoflash’s Tron inspired watch does not only come with the Tron logo that every geek has learned by heart, but also shows time in a truly science fiction style.

Kisai Satellite Black Watch


At the first glance, the Kisai Satellite Black watch looks like an innocent bracelet as its face displays absolutely nothing other than a mysterious dark. But when you touch of a button on the right, three varied sized LED rings illuminate the dark sky and it turns into a novelty watch that shows time in a unique way.

Available for $94.

Kisai Cybertronic Watch


Like all other watches in the Kisai series, the Cybertronic watch has a sleek design as if it’s out of this world. The watch features twelve small bars on the top for the hours, eleven long bars below for the 5 minute increments and the twelfth long bar further divided into four small bars for the four single minutes.