Incredibly Chic Jaguar V12 Engine Coffee Table

Sylwester Grumula is at it again, and has created a really big coffee table inspired by Jaguar’s V12 5.3 liter engine.

v12 jaguar engine coffee table 6


The way the coffee table sits amidst furniture will encourage guests to help themselves with some drinks, whether they want it or not. The new table adds a bit of mechano-chic to the living room, and I think that is a great way to ensure one’s love for all things that’s done in a garage sort of workshop.

v12 jaguar engine coffee table 5

Sylwester Grumula’s v12 engine coffee table is one hell of a conversation starter that will get your guests talking even if they are the most introverted kinds you will ever meet.

v12 jaguar engine coffee table 4


The curious design will encourage car lovers among your friends to talk more often about you, making you a small celebrity in your circles. The 4 cylinders in white and the space to keep the bottles all remind you of the v12 engine which continues to0 be one of the most cherished engines in the world.

v12 jaguar engine coffee table 3


Manufactured during the 1970s and 1980s, the Jaguar v12 engine remained popular among car enthusiasts for decades. The 5.3 liter HE debuted in 1981 and is known for the special high-swirl design. The design is featured in the ‘May’ cylinder heads, which Sylwester has artistically recreated in the coffee table.

v12 jaguar engine coffee table 2


The v12 5.3 liter engine was manufactured until 1989, when it finally kicked the bucket. However, you can still get designers like Sylwester Grumula to create a replica of the famous Jaguar v12 engine, if you are really interested.

v12 jaguar engine coffee table 1

I had written about Sylwester Grumula’s V8 Engine Coffee Table way back in July 2012, and that was an awesome piece of furniture too. On the other hand, you could go ahead and take a look at the V8 Computer Case Mod and Google Chrome Cake, which were dedicated to the V8 engines of the past.