Famicom NES Mods by Javier Riquelme

A brilliant console mod that brings the NES of the east and west together.

Famicom NES mod by Javier Riquelme image 2

Javier Riquelme loves the NES as much as I love basketball, and I loves me some hoops. Heck, Javier seems to be fond of all models of the 8-bit console: the kid-friendly Japanese Famicom, the VCR mimicking NES that we got in the west, and even the top-loading revision which came at the end of the system’s lifecycle.

Oh, and his deep NES affection doesn’t end there either. Draw your attention Ladies and Germs to Javier’s custom made Famicom NES console that takes the white, red, and gold trim stylings of the Japanese Famicom – a winning combo in my humble opinion – and applies it quite splendidly to the boxy NES and its controller.

A thousand “M. Bision YES!” gifs to such an awesome console mod.

Famicom NES mod by Javier Riquelme image 1

There’s even a red transparent window on the top that lets you see the modded consoles innards, a cool feature that provides insight into why the front-loading mechanism of the NES caused so many of us in our youth to blow aggressively into our Nintendo Game Paks. Uh, make your lewd jokes here.

More Famicom mods, you say? Javier is more than happy to oblige with his own NES and Famicom takes on Sony’s DualShock 3 pictured right below.

Famicom DualShock 3 mod by Javier Riquelme

Not too shabby, even though his NES DualShock 3 controller still needs some time in the oven. Although I’m quite sure it will look so cool when it gets finished.

NES DualShock 3 in progress mod by Javier Riquelme

Big thanks to Javier for his modding efforts and sharing these pictures via his tumblr. And stay right here on Walyou as we share with you fantastic nerd-culture fan art, info on the Firefox OS that’s launching soon, and the latest geekery from the Internet.