Valentine’s Day Cards for Gamers

Check out a selection of wonderful video game inspired Valentine’s Day cards perfect for showing how much you care from Esty seller RockPaperScisorz.

Valentine's Gaming-Themed Greeting Cards From RockPaperScisorz Image

For me, greeting cards will always be a classy way to reveal your true feelings for someone else (albeit a cheap money holder too.) They quickly get the message across, and are able to share that sentiment in so many endless, creative forms. Geeky forms too, obviously, like the special ones created by Etsy user PaperRockScisorz.

Perhaps you’ve already seen some of her previous works floating around the web; greeting cards all delightfully inspired by the likes of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and so forth, sold as print-out templates on her Etsy shop for around $2.75 each (there’s also 5 pack bundles if need be.) Well readers, this year PaperRockScisorz is back with a warm-hearted vengeance and a new batch of greeting cards just in time for that polarizing of holidays, Valentine’s Day.

I Choose You Card Image 1I Choose You Card Image 2

Just think of the face your loved one (or imaginary loved one if your Single) will make by presenting this absolutely cute Pokemon-themed “I Choose You…” card, trimmed with a Pokeball border and a sweet pair of Pikachu holding hands. D’aww…

The “I Heart You” Tetris-motifed card is pretty great too, even though I worry about that “I” shape dropping into the heart, forming a perfect line, and erasing everything away. Hmm, I wonder how many points that would give you? Uh, anyway — no matter which card you choose, I’m sure any will do it’s job to make Cupid pull his tiny bow. Just remember to print out these cute guys by yourself or at a local print shop, because your only paying for PaperRockScisorz’s template, not the actual card itself.

Need another gift idea for Valentine’s Day? How about this lovely Space Invaders necklace, or this awesome smartphone-locked R2-D2 and TARDIS safes.