Via Demoing Their ZOTAC ZBOX Mini-PC at Computex

It seems as though more and more people across the world are wanting their computing equipment to be as small as possible.  Perhaps this is because space is coming at a premium but whatever the reason, smaller is now better.

The Asus Ultrabooks are just one example of computers getting smaller and more popular.  The Ultrabooks are actually trying to combine the PC and the tablet into one, small and lightweight piece of machinery.  It isn’t just computers that are getting smaller.  We here at Walyou have also seen items like mini desktop engravers that are all built just to take up as little space as humanly possible.

It is possibly in this vein that Via is bringing their newest creation, a mini-pc that might be the smallest of a bunch that is getting smaller all the time.  Via is demoing this particular machine, called the ZOTAC ZBOX Mini-PC at Computex and those that have been able to see it in person have certainly been impressed.

This particular mini-pc’s main advantage is that it is sporting the Via Nano X2 dual-core processor housed inside a 12 x 12 x 4cm chassis.  This tiny little model is the perfect size for using as a home entertainment addition or even just to be used in a cramped home office. The dual core processors are available at speeds of 1.2 and 1.6GHz and they are operating with their native 64-bit software support.

Sadly, while this mini-pc looks like it is something computer users should get pretty excited about, there is very little information made available to the general public.  The demoing of the device at Computex seems to indicate the product is headed to the market, but there appears to be actually no information on when it will actually be on the market or what the price will be once it is made fully available.  For those of you who were not able to check out the demo, we at Walyou do have a video showing off the device.  Sadly even this video doesn’t show exactly what it can do to a great extent, but at this point, a little info is better than nothing.