Awesome Set of Superhero Pictograms

If you’ve ever wanted pictograms to take on a more surreal turn, these superhero-themed ones may be just what you’ve been looking for. Pictograms have been used for years, particularly on road signs and warning signs, using simple drawings rather than words to convey concepts. The recycling symbol, “Don’t Walk” symbol, and the men’s/women’s restroom symbols are all shining examples of how a basic image can connect with an idea. However, if you’ve wondered how pictograms might change in a world where superheros exist, Teddy Hahn‘s brilliant designs come across wonderfully.

Superman Pictogram

Batman Pictogram

Green Lantern Pictogram

The first pictograms shown in the gallery are more or less simplified versions of a character’s appearance. Superman appears as a figure with an “S” on his chest, a red cape, and a curl in his hair. There’s not much other detail, but he’s instantly recognizable. Batman is even less detailed, as all we get is the silhouette of his cowl, with narrowed eye holes, and a stylized design representing his cape. For Marvel fans, the gallery also includes images of Captain America and his trademark shield, Spider-Man in his symbiote suit, and a really slick version of Wolverine in what appears to be a trench coat.

Captain America Pictogram

Symbiote Spider-Man Pictogram

Wolverine Superhero Pictogram

Superhero Pictogram Signs

Hulk vs Wolverine Pictogram

My favorite part of the gallery, however, would have to be the Photoshopped signs which put those pictograms to use. In one, we see a “Flash Xing” sign, warning us to be careful so as not to get in the way while the heroic speedster rushes through town at Mach 10. Alongside it, we see a picture of a beach sign pointing out that the area is an “Aquaman Jumpoff.”

The most useful sign, though, is the one pointing out to take caution of Hulk vs Wolverine. By caution, I imagine they mean to evacuate to a safe distance of 100 miles or so, which is typically a useful strategy for anything Hulk-related. If you enjoy these pics, make sure to also check out our articles on the Superhero Alphabet and these Minimalist Superhero Avatars.