10 Fan-Made Video Game Movie Posters

Lets face it: Movies based on video games usually suck, no matter how good the games were. Something about the transfer from VG studios to film moguls just doesn’t work, even if these games are more than just for a select niche crowd.

Fans make posters of films they’d love to see happen, some even in some sort of pre-production situation. Maybe if these execs would listen to fans, or at least some of their ideas via these posters, we’d get some decent video game based films.

Alan Wake

A video game that is pretty much a salute to horror films, psychological thrillers and pop culture in general might have a chance of being the best film on this list.


According to someone who was attached to direct, this movie will never be produced because studios are afraid to hand out a big budget to a film with such a dark tone and subject.

God of War

There have been two documentaries about the God of War series and its creation, but still not feature film. There are plans, with a $150 million (does someone smell box office bust?) budget, but still no director.

Halo: Fall of Reach

There have been plenty of ideas thrown around and even a script written, but too many money issues and power battles between Microsoft, Hollywood execs and the people they chose to produce the film have prevented it, so far, from happening.


And make a tie-in with the Half Life story, who have been confirmed to exist in the same Valve universe? F’ Yeah!

Red Dead Redemption

The best video game of all time in my opinion, which is simply described as “GTA in the wild wild west” although it’s much deeper, and better, than that. Pretty much John Marston going out, doing what he can to protect his family in the changing world of the old west right after the turn of the 20th century.

Splinter Cell

There have been six video games so far; there have been six novels. A film is in the works, with Ubisoft planning on making a movie out of Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon as well.

Super Mario Bros.

Just make it better than the 90’s disaster. Maybe animated and western is the way to go.


A PS3 only video game series about the adventures of Nathan Drake as he travels the world with “friends”, uncovering mysteries and satisfying Drake’s need for treasures and endangering himself. A movie is actually in the plans, but it’s been in pre-production and script re-writes for about three years.


It’s been 26 years since The Legend of Zelda came out and we’ve had books, comics and a TV series, but no talk of a feature film as of yet.