Video Games Are For Everyone, but Not Everyone Agrees

If you think more people in your life have picked up the habit of playing video games in any kind of form, you’re not wrong according to a recent survey regarding Americans and video games.

Family playing video game

The Pew Research Center survey found that just under 49% of Americans say they at least occasionally play some form of video game on a computer, TV, tablet or cellphone. However, as for the label of gamer, only 10% of them identified as one.

Another interesting number from the survey is the gender issue, which was a hot topic this year, although not for good reasons. The study found that 50% of men and 48% of women have played a video game occasionally or more. However, 60% of Americans believe that most people who play video games are men, a view shared by 57% of the women who play video games. Men are more likely to call themselves gamers: 15% to 6%.

But while it seems more and more people are playing video games, the public’s view on this pass time, hobby or even profession, remains divided. There are 40% of Americans who believe that there is a relationship between video game violence and violent behavior, while 32% of those who play video games make the connection as well. Women (47%) tend to agree a lot more than men (31%) that playing violent video games is more likely to lead to real life violence.

For the full Pew Research Center report, which has a lot more interesting points, check out their website.

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