Gaming Coming Soon: Your Favorite Video Games Turned To Movies

Coming Soon: Your Favorite Video Games Turned To Movies

With popular comic book superheroes and novels coming to life in movies, it is only time before screen writers and directors look to another great medium – video games. We have the movie posters to prove it can work.It is not surprising that there are talks to bring some of our favorite video games to life on the silver screen. Many of them contain action, intriguing back stories, and loads of characters, both good and bad, ripe for development. And most of the time (the Mario Bros movie from the early 1990s notwithstanding, although it did later become a cult classic), video games turned to movies are a shoe-in to become big box office hits.

Below are some great movie poster renderings for popular video games. Unfortunately, none of these movies with these actors have yet to be filled, but with the posters running the gamut of action video games or horror games, I would definitely book my tickets for any of these movies. Check them out below!


For more interesting takes on movie posters, check out ten alternative Disney posters and movie posters of children dressed up as characters.

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