Videogame Jack-o’-lanterns From Across The Internet

Prepare yourselves to be astounded by these videogame inspired carved pumpkins that are simply boo-tiful.

11 Pumpkins of Halloweenby by joh-wee

On the eve of Halloween there is absolutely no better way to get into the ghoulish spirit, but with the well-honored tradition of crafting a jack-o’-lantern; second, of course, to subjecting yourself to a marathon of horror flicks occurring as we speak on cable TV.

Beginning around the 19th century, particularly from our ancestors living in Great Britain, carving pumpkins has been an act steeped in mythical folklore, where people would hollow out and carve faces onto hard vegetables to ward off evil spirits.

This is one trope that seems to be common in many cultures: creating monstrous-looking relics to protect oneself from wicked entities. Themes, like dressing up in costume albeit how goofy and over-sexualized it’s become, which over time have become the supernatural norm for our beloved Halloween.

zelda triforce pumpkinby by GilucMega Man Pumpkinby by MGPerez

Zelda Triforce Pumpkin by Giluc // Mega Man Pumpkin by MGPerez

Moving along in our historical recount, when the tide of immigrants came into America, folks from across the Atlantic brought the carving custom with them, although, they opted for pumpkins which were more plentiful in the States, instead of beets and turnips which were typically used before.

In foresight, it’s a very good thing they did. A turnip jack-o’-lantern wouldn’t be as frightening a sight – seriously, who’s ever been afraid of a turnip? – nor would any of these skillful carvers be able to decorate their pumpkins in such fabulous videogame-inspired detail.

Throughout this story I’ve posted some awesome jack-o’-lanterns found by our friends over at NintendoLife – a good majority from the talented deviantART user joh-wee – all based on familiar gaming faces. And dang are they downright impeccable.

Boo Pumpkin Style by joh-weeIt's Wario Timeby by joh-wee

Many radical 1980’s high-fives to each and every creator on their pumpkins and for sharing their work for all to see. Now, to work on my costume. I’m thinking of going as a snarky game blogger. While I do that, please check out Walyou’s scary good offering of posts. I highly recommend checking out our choices for the 12 best Halloween themed cereals and some more awfully splendid pumpkin carvings that will please you down to your bones. Happy Halloween, everyone!