The View-Master returns as a 3d capable device

One of the most unlikely alliances of all time is bearing fruit and bringing back a classic gadget from our childhoods: the View-Master is getting ready for a come back!

View Master 3d 1

Thanks to Mattel and Google teaming up the old classic View Master is getting ready for a second wind – with all the technological power of the last few years added on top of it. Turns out this new edition will pair up with smartphones and VR technology to create a completely new experience for the new century.

For those who don’t remember it, the View-Master was a toy gadget that allowed the public to see photographies by putting slides inside the viewer. The new version, though, will have users put their smartphones in instead, and using a special app, to travel virtual worlds, far away cities, or even outer space. All that for just some $30 USD.

View Master 3d 2

The release date will be sometime this year, but as of now, neither Mattel nor Google have prototypes to show us. We’ve missed it so much we don’t mind waiting a bit longer, though, so it is okay.

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